The Most Comfortable Underwear You'll Ever Wear

Underwear. You won't give it a second thought if it's fabulously comfortable, but if it's anything less than that, it's all you'll be able to think about all the livelong day. Thankfully, there are plenty of options these days that are as comfortable as they are stylish, and you really can't ask for more when it comes to your undergarments.

Long gone are the days of a one size fits all approach to your lingerie and underwear. Today, there are plenty of styles, cuts, patterns, and sizes to make you feel confident and sexy from the moment you begin to get dressed. After all, they say beauty comes from within, right?

When it comes to deciding what underwear is best for you, trying really is believing. Luckily, most online underwear companies today have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you receive a pair and realize that the material isn't what you thought it would be, or the fit isn't quite right, don't try to force yourself into liking them. You deserve better than that.

Speaking of material, that's certainly key to keep in mind when selecting the best undergarments for your lifestyle. Are you constantly moving around for a living, or are you generally sitting at a desk? Do you need something a bit more breathable, or are you seeking, say, fuller coverage? Ultimately, you'll need to be sure that whatever material you're working with is durable. After all, these are garments that you'll be putting through the wash a lot, so be sure it can stand up to the spin cycle.

Hand in hand with material comes the underwear style. If you're always slipping into figure-hugging dresses, you may want to consider a thong. If you're really just looking for something to lounge around in on the weekend, perhaps consider a boyshort.

No matter what you choose from our favorite options, we're confident that you'll feel well-suited to take on the world and anything it throws your way.

The Best Underwear Overall

Sloane & Tate has mastered the art of underwear for women with its Echo Park and DTLA Briefs. For too long women's underwear has been about sex appeal instead of comfort, but no longer. Sloane & Tate underwear is hands down the most comfortable underwear you can buy since they use some of the softest materials on the planet, Supima® Cotton and micro-modal.

There’s no scrunching, chafing, bunching, or riding up with these briefs. The seams and cut on them are perfect, imagine if your underwear was made out of a cloud, that’s how these briefs feel.

We particularly loved the Echo Park Brief, which is made from micro-modal and Supima® Cotton. It gives full coverage everywhere you need it without embarrassing panty lines. Most importantly, it looks good, feels great, and never needs adjusting throughout the day.

The entire Echo Park Brief collection is made from the same material and comes in a variety of color options.

Pros: So comfortable, great fit, innovative breathable fabric, no adjustments, last a long time.

The Best Underwear to Lounge in

If you're all about forgetting that you're wearing underwear, the Silverlake Short is about as close as you're going to get.

The Sloane and Tate Silverlake short will make you feel as though you're not wearing undergarments in the best way possible, and really, what more could you want from your underwear?

Customers say that the Silverlake Shorts tick all the boxes when it comes to both comfort and functionality, and this assessment certainly rang true for me as well. As Kara Chandler, a Sloane and Tate customers noted, “These are the best underwear for the days you want to just hang around, eat cookie dough, drink wine, and watch Netflix.”

Pros: Super comfortable, no riding up

The Best Underwear to Wear with a Dress

If you think thongs are the sexiest underwear, the 97 Bikini may just change your mind.

For those of us who don't want our underwear to be just barely there, the 97 Bikini is a real gift from above. And nothing is quite so deserving of praise as the 97 Bikini from Sloane and Tate.

One happy reviewer called these "the most comfortable no-show underwear I've ever worn," and plenty others have noted that you could "almost forget you're wearing them." If you have sensitive skin, this could be the underwear for you. The careful construction and minimal seams mean that you won't have any fabric digging uncomfortably into your side.

Pros: Great coverage, stretchy without being itchy, high quality material

The way to get the Best Deal

Sloane & Tate has a really nice offer for first-time customers allowing them to get 25% off their first order. All you have to do is use code “COMFORT” at checkout. You can shop all of their underwear here.

Once your a customer of Sloane & Tate you can start buying their 3-packs of your favorite underwear which will save you money!

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