No Lace No Wires and the Female Gaze

Not all women want to wear lingerie with lace, underwire, and uncomfortable metal clasps. Or if they do, they don’t want to wear them all the time. This isn’t exactly a revelation for most women, though it may be for bra companies. According to the industry buzz, there is a new trend called the “bralette:” a bra that doesn’t have underwire or lace. We’ve been making them for years, but we just like to call them “bras.” Because to us, they are just as grown up, just as sophisticated, just as sexy and just as worthy of having an awesome selection on hand on a day-to-day basis. They are just another option.

Options are key – it’s almost as if the realization that women might want variety, might want something that is more comfortable, is shocking. Of course we have different tastes, body types, aesthetic preferences and a desire for something different. Something that maybe flies in the face of traditional lingerie.

Categories, pieces, and styles should be all about the wearer. We’re going for styles that DGAF about trying to attract the object of their desire, but are more about you feeling sexy. Who doesn’t want to feel amazing in what they’re wearing? And since feeling good, and not caring what other people think, is pretty much the hottest attitude ever, it’s a win no matter how you look at it.

Why the bra 2.0?

1. Comfort – bras that you can pull on, that are lightweight, soft and add subtle support, are simply more comfortable than classic underwire and lace.

    2. Health – some people say that having metal wires against your skin isn’t the best for your body. So alternatives without the wire may be the new way to go.

      3. Aesthetics – lace is beautiful, sexy and barely there. That is undeniable. However, everyone has their own brand of what sexiness. Sometimes less is more – so for all the definitions of sexy, there are new ways to express this in a variety of aesthetics that may involve new or other classic fabrications, helping to shake up the category.

        4. Confidence – no matter what you’re wearing, nothing looks better on than confidence. Instead of the male gaze, we’re going for the female gaze of a woman looking at herself and feeling amazing because she’s confident, comfortable and feels understood. Nothing can top that. So we’re not surprised that these bras are catching on like wildfire.

          The time is now and we hear you. Go out and do great things...while looking and feeling awesome.

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