Made For Greatness Spotlight: Serena Williams

This month we had the most incredible honor of being featured in Fader’s cover story on Serena Williams. To say we were overjoyed to see Serena Williams wearing Sloane & Tate would be an understatement. Serena Williams is perhaps the greatest athlete ever. No one more perfectly embodies “Made for Greatness” than Serena. She has broken boundaries, and she has paved her own way. She has shattered all the records. Most importantly, she is herself. We admire her courage, her talent and her ability to push forward in the face of adversity.

Serena has worked hard for her success. She shows us that everyday the burning desire has to be there, and so does the hard work. She shows us we must take our dreams and grow them with commitment and perseverance. She shows us the importance of being ourselves and never losing sight of that along the path to success.

Here are just a few reasons why Serena Williams inspires us:

She has charted her own path.

She sees no limits.

She is one of a kind.

She believes in herself.

She practices hard work in the pursuit of her dream.

She sets goals.

She is powerful.

She is truly herself.

She faces challenges.

She shows us that we can all pave our own way to greatness.

Serena, thank you for showing us that anything is possible.


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