Consider Local and Sustainable When You Buy

When you buy, you have more influence over how your purchasing behavior affects the environment and your own community than you might think.

Here's how:

  • Local Manufacturing Reduces Our Carbon Footprint
  • Shipping goods from overseas usually involves the use of cargo ships and freight trucks, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. By staying local our goods do not have to travel far, thereby eliminating our need to rely on such transportation methods that often have a negative impact on the environment. 

  • Paying Fair Wages that are Sustainable
  • Yes, there is a price, but we’ve found that customers are willing to pay a premium to know that the pieces of clothing that are most intimate to them are made in a positive environment by people being paid fairly.

  • Commitment to the Community
  • There’s a feeling of community and that we’re all in this together. As larger companies flee to offshore facilities where they can make their products at a fraction of the price, it becomes even more important to strengthen our commitment to our community. Local factories are a treasure to both the people they employ and the services they provide to the local infrastructure. 

  • It’s Not Just About the Materials, it’s About the Process and the People
  • We’ve chosen to be local and to produce in Los Angeles for all of these reasons. Recently The New York Times T Magazine featured sustainable clothing brands, highlighting the importance of sustainability specifically in the clothing industry. By staying local, companies are also able to be hands on with the production process and each step along the way. Visiting contractors in person and building relationships with the local fabric mills, trims suppliers and sewers makes the process even more rewarding. 


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