A Brief Inspired by Los Angeles: DTLA

Los Angeles is dreamy. The city is filled with artists of all types and creativity abounds. From musicians to writers to photographers, creative energy is everywhere. On top of that, we have the ocean – it is massive, powerful and almost beyond comprehension. Nothing is more awe-inspiring than the sheer beauty of a sunset over the Pacific. It puts into perspective the most incredible artist: nature. The light in LA is unique – you can pick it out of a photo and know that golden warmth is the LA sunshine.

Sloane & Tate has taken this energy and inspiration and channeled it into a line that is made up of pieces we believe are essentials to your underwear wardrobe. Nothing is superfluous and our pieces encourage self-expression.

We’re currently seeing downtown LA blossom (lovingly called DTLA). The rate of building and reclaiming spaces that have been vacant for years upon years is breathing new life and excitement into the city. The energy downtown feels more creative than ever.

The heart of the LA garment industry is located in downtown LA. This is where we spend our days when we’re in production. Driving the streets, transporting fabric, visiting our trim suppliers… the list goes on. After seeing the landscape of our beloved city change and watching downtown become a destination, we knew it was time to name one of our pieces after this part of our city.

This season we introduced the DTLA brief. The brief is our take on the classic bikini. We believe it has all the elements of the time-loved silhouette, elevated aesthetic and a bit of edge – just like Los Angeles.

We hope you’ll see the beauty in our new brief just as we see the beauty that is emerging from the heart of our city. Los Angeles: the city that inspires us.

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